Spirit of Detroit

phile detroit is an independent graphic design firm located in detroit, michigan. the term "firm" is used very loosely here, as phile detroit is really just one person, designing from home, office, or wherever else inspiration strikes.

phile detroit has provided clients with logos, t-shirt designs, and even website creation and management. t-shirt design is really how phile detroit started and all designs are available for purchase below!

mr. kerstetter has enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects from cowboy belt buckles to divot repair tools to reflective trailer decals...no job is too small or too unusual. whether you have an old project that needs updating or a new project and no idea where to start, phile detroit will transform your thought into a tangible product!


phile detroit works continually with several local businesses and also manages select social media accounts, including facebook, instagram, and twitter. this also includes the design and coordination of e-mail campaigns through the use of constant contact and mailchimp. our featured clients include:


if phile detroit had to choose one area of graphic design to always work in, it would be logo design. mr. kerstetter loves clean, simple, minimalistically designed graphics in which an entire identity can be conveyed in one inspired, well thought out illustration. thesaurus aside, phile detroit loves simple, beautiful logos. the examples shown below illustrate some of phile detroit's best and favorite logos.

phile detroit also does website management and design! while not necessarily armed with the proficiency of a web design master, mr. kerstetter has taken advantage of continuing education opportunities at the college of creative studies in detroit to expand his knowledge of web design. establishing one's product or idea on the internet is an extremely gratifying and validating feeling!

every designer starts somewhere, and, with phile detroit, that somewhere was t-shirt design. with just a little burst of inspiration, phile detroit was started, turning the model t into the model tee (which, ironically, you may find a link to purchase below). along the way, countless other apparel designs have been produced, including a few of these shown below.


don't forget to check out the phile detroit shop! after all, phile detroit started with t-shirt design, so why not be a part of hist--uh--ory...ok, well, 2007 wasn't that long ago, but oh well. there are many more designs in phile detroit's spreadshirt shop and great colors to choose from!

model tee turntable tee spirit tee
model tee turntable tee spirit tee
Brown Bomber Tee atlantic tee Skyline Detroit Tee
brown bomber tee atlantic tee skyline detroit tee
see more products at: shop.spreadshirt.com/philedetroit
Brown Bomber Sticker - 5 1/2"
Brown Bomber Sticker - 3"
Brown Bomber Magnet - 3"
DETROIT Sticker - 4"
Motor City Sticker - 5"


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